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North Central Chapter membership Information

NCC-AAPM membership is an annual membership for a calendar year (1/1 – 12/31). The membership fee is used to support chapter meetings and a chapter representative to the AAPM. In addition, the Chapter supports students, residents, and post-doctoral fellows by waiving their chapter annual membership fees, as well as their registration fees for chapter meetings.

Local chapter annual membership can be bundled with the payment of national AAPM annual dues run through the main AAPM website. However, if you are not a member of national AAPM and do not wish to be, you may send your CV to the current NCC-AAPM Treasurer for review, and once eligibility for NCC-AAPM membership has been determined per our Constitution and By-Laws, NCC-AAPM membership can be purchased using the PayPal button below.

COST: The annual dues for Individual Members is $30, and $0 for students, residents, and post-doctoral fellows.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

NCC-AAPM corporate sponsorship is an annual sponsorship for a calendar year (1/1 – 12/31).  The sponsorship fee covers attendance at both the spring and fall chapter meetings which are held in one of our member states.  Booths are provided for our sponsors to demonstrate their equipment and technology to our chapter members during the meeting breaks. 

Our sponsors are also welcome to join us at our spring and fall meeting social events.  These are typically held the night before our main meeting and provide a good opportunity for our sponsors to informally meet our chapter members.  Our corporate sponsors also have their logo featured on our website and sponsor logos are also displayed on a rotating slide show during chapter meeting breaks.

The sponsorship is very valuable to us to help run these chapter meetings and they also allow us to waive the chapter membership fee and meeting registration fee for students, residents and post-doctoral fellows.  In addition, the funds are used to support travel expenses incurred by our chapter representative to attend meetings at the national AAPM level.

Sponsorship can be purchased via the PayPal button below but if check is preferred, please contact the current treasurer regarding preferred mailing address for check.

COST: The annual dues for Corporate Sponsors is $225.

If you have any questions about becoming a member or sponsor please feel free to contact us.