North Central Chapter
Spring Meeting 2024
april 4-5, 2024
rochester, MN

Supporting Documentation

Meeting Location & AccomModations

Mayo Clinic
Siebens Building – Leighton Auditorium
100 Second St SW, Rochester, MN 55902


The Kahler Grand Hotel
20 2nd Ave SW
Rochester, MN 55902

We have a room block for $125 per night (Only King beds available as there is a sports event blocking the double beds). Rooms are guaranteed until Thursday March 14. Click here to reserve a room or call 1-800-533-1655 and request the North Central Chapter -AAPM group rate.


Note to sponsors: Vendor items can not be shipped to this address. If you are staying at the Grand Kahler, you may ship items to:

Vendor Name & On-site contact Box # of __
20 2nd Ave, SW
Rochester, MN 55902

Access to the Siebens building is controlled, but entrance to the building from the subway (basement) level is open (see red arrow).  The subway can be reached through the clinic buildings and other public buildings.  The easiest point of entry will be through the Kahler Grand Hotel and going down to the subway level, walking over to the Siebens and taking the elevator to the 2nd floor to the auditorium.  The arrowhead can also be reached from the Rochester Marriot Hotel.

Click here for Mayo parking information and here for public parking in Rochester information.

Join us Night Out

April 4, 2024 - 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

220 Broadway Ave S.
Rochester, MN 55904

Food and drinks provided


Corporate Sponsors

We thank the following sponsors for supporting the Night Out:

Meeting Agenda & Presentations

Thursday 4th April, NCC-AAPM Theranostics Symposium

12:15 Registration

13:00 Introduction (15 min)

13:15 Session I

Tyler Bradshaw, PhD – “SPECT Imaging in the Era of Radiopharmaceutical Therapy” (30 min)

Carrie Hruska, PhD – “First experience with Veriton and Starguide scanners” (30 min)

Matthew Thorpe, MD, PhD – “Radiopharmaceutical Therapy: A Physician’s Perspective” (30 min)

14:45 Break, light refreshments and vendor interactions (15 min)

15:00 Session II

Stephen Graves, PhD – “Maintaining NIST traceability in the clinical practice of RPT” (30 min)

Abby Besemer, PhD – “Commissioning a RPT treatment planning system and initial experience performing Pluvicto dosimetry” (30 min)

Bryan Bednarz, PhD – “Designing and Implementing a Clinical RPT Dosimetry Program from the Ground Up” (30 min)

16:30 Closing remarks and adjourn (15 min)

This meeting has applied to CAMPEP for 3.5 hours of MPCEC.

Friday 5th April, NCC-AAPM Spring Meeting

7:15 Registration and continental breakfast (45 min)

8:00 Welcome, Introductions, and Announcements (15 min)

8:15 Morning Session I

Stephen Graves, PhD – “Normal organ and Tumor Dose Thresholds: Knowns and Unknowns in RPT” (30 min)
Ken Fetterly, PhD – “Medical Physics in the Cath lab” (30 min)
Tyler Bradshaw, PhD – “Langue and vision-language modeling in Radiology” (30 min)

9:45 Morning break and vendor interactions (30 min)

10:15 Morning Session II

Jon Kruse, PhD – “Innovations in Proton therapy at Mayo Clinic” (30 min)
Keith Furutani, PhD – “Mayo Clinic Florida Carbon Ion Radiation Therapy” (45 min)

11:30 Lunch break (60 min)

12:30 NCC-AAPM Business Meeting (30 min)

13:00 Early Career Investigator Competition (90 min total, each entry 8 minutes with 2 minutes for questions)

Kevin Zhang – Deep Learning-based Distortion Correction of Diffusion-weighted Imaging

Karsten Wake – Evaluating Techniques for Creating More Efficient Collimated Proton Arc Therapy Plans

Kevin Treb – RF-Heating of Neurophysiological Monitoring Electrodes during MRI-Guided Procedures

Brandon Nguyen – Modeling Time Activity Curves

Emily Koons – Coronary Artery Stenosis Quantification in Patients with Dense Calcifications using Ultra-High-Resolution Photon-Counting-Detector CT

Grace Hutchinson – Automated SPECT Bars Analysis Across Manufacturers

Pierce Ellingson – A Solution to the Prony Problem and Applications in Nuclear Medicine

Shaojie Chang – Improving Stenosis Assessment in Energy Integrating Detector CT via Learned Monoenergetic Imaging Capability.

14:30 Afternoon break and vendor interactions (30 min)

15:00 Afternoon Session

Daniel Gomez Cardona, PhD – “Implementation of CPT Code 76145: Dose evaluation for radiation exposure that exceeds institutional review threshold” (30 min)

Dan Pavord, MS, FAAPM– “Implementation of MPPGs” (30 min)

16:00 Closing remarks, Awards, and Adjourn (15 min)

This meeting has applied to CAMPEP for 5.75 hours of MPCEC.